Friday, November 7, 2014

Hemming of Planets and House Astrology

Hemming means the environment and the conditions before and after of any planets or house around its adjacent sides. Any planet or any house could be hemmed.  It is very common finding in many people chart that Moon is hemmed with either malefic or benefic planets in the chart. This is due to one third of the time the Moon in the sky is either joined by a malefic planet or hemmed between malefic planets or between benefic planets. So when Moon is between two malefic planets the condition of the Moon is stressful and if the Moon hemmed between two benefic planets the environment of Moon is pleasant. e. g. When Moon is hemmed between the Venus and Jupiter there's an environment of comfort. So when Venus is before then there's a lot of great help from the Venus to the Moon and if Jupiter after there's a lot of help from the Jupiter. If you feel stress in your life, it is simply means Moon can be either with Mars, Saturn Rahu, Ketu or hemmed between those planets. It it not only Moon, any planet and house can be hemmed between benefic or malefic planets.

Not every malefic hemming is bad, it depend on in which sign hemming is happening and the result may vary. So if the Moon is hemmed between malefic in good dignity then malefic planets give us the capacity with strength force and do things that are right. But if the Moon hemmed between the planets and Moon is not in good dignity then there is problem. This can happen when Moon is in Scorpio. It could be tough because the Moon is debilitated in Scorpio. You can relate this concept by what type of neighbor you have. If you have bad neighbor and you don’t have enough energy to deal with them then it is bad for you. But if you are good in dealing with them then you can get benefit from them.  

In astrology there is a Shubh Yoga and Ashub Yoga ( paap katri yoga). So what are these yogas ? These yoga’s are made when there is planets in either side of the ascendant. One in 12th house and the other is in 2nd house. If there is benefic planets e. g. Jupiter in 12th house and Venus in second house then this yoga known as shubh yoga, and if there is malefic planets e. g. Saturn in 12th house and Mars is in 2nd house then it is ashubh yoga. It simply means what the personality someone have.  Shubh give good and pleasant personality and Ashubh yoga give harsh personality.  You can apply this yoga to any houses and planets. Like what kind of planets in either side of seventh house, depending on that the person deals with other people.

Now in real time in 2014 until whole 2015 Saturn is in Scorpio sign and Rahu in Virgo sign will pressure the house ruled by Libra the sign in between Virgo and Scorpio from two malefic planets in the sky. Depending on your ascendant it giving stress and pressures to you in that area of your life.